*pant, pant*

Not much time to write anything, since I’ve been levelling like mad and having an inordinate amount of fun. Everything is so gorgeous, the music is incredible (I plan to listen to it on its own), the quests are involved, fun, filled with lore, and quite often funny. There is so much of the NPC dialogue that makes me laugh out loud, so many cultural references and so on. I had to laugh when I told someone that I was rescuing “Come with me if you want to live”.

This bit of dialogue really made me laugh, on an escort quest called Mr. Floppy’s Perilous Adventure where you need to escort a skipping little girl and her rabbit Floppy to safety:


I won’t even tell you about the quest where I had to, err, recover some seeds that I had eaten by going into an outhouse and drinking Slidey Cider. I leave the rest to your imagination – let’s just say that it involved hearing Kit make noises that I never hoped to hear her make, and seeing big clouds of smoke coming out from under the outhouse. What can I say…judging from the amount of poop quests, Blizz is big on potty humour.  :)

Anyway, Kit is 75 now, on the Monday after release. Our guild has 80s now, and a couple of death knights who are in their mid 70s, so I’m levelling relatively slowly in relation to the rest of the guild. It’s strange, though…after all the anticipation for the release, we’re going to powerlevel everything in order to get back where we were, at endgame, raiding the same content every night? In a way, that seems so wrong.

But nothing can be too wrong when you get to ride borrowed death chargers:


And ride dragons to BURN THINGS WITH FIIIIIIRE!!!


I’m loving this.  :)

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