Pancake Day

No pancakes for me today. :( I was really looking forward to the lunchroom ladies making them, as they did last year, but no luck. (For those of you at home, they’re not like thick, fluffy American pancakes, but are more like crepes, usually eaten with lemon juice and sugar. They need eggs, so making them difficult to do at home because of Phil’s allergy.)

On the radio they mentioned that roughly 250 people are taken to the emergency room every Shrove Tuesday due to pancake-making injuries. Who knew it could be so dangerous? ;)

Work was hellish today, and I confess that I was a total bitch. I almost dragged two people out of a meeting, who both knew the Canadian site was finally going live tomorrow, deadline for all changes today at noon, and went to some stupid club magazine all-morning planning meeting without telling anyone else or, indeed, completing any of the promotions or copy that they were responsible for. Sheesh, at some point you need to grow up and say “yes, I’m an adult, I’m a professional working in a professional environment.” It’s not my job to monitor them, really – my business cards say “Senior Web Developer,” not “Project Manager.” As soon as things settle after the merger, I really need to talk to my boss; if I can’t have the title, and the salary, I don’t want to do it. Someone else can herd all the cats for awhile.

Anyway, we’re almost there. And Australia is very close to being done…and then comes Japan, which scares the hell out of me. I mean, it’s surely going to be interesting; I’ve never had to have a site translated into another language before, and had hoped that we’d do something easy like French or German first, rather than Japanese. But it’s a challenge.

So as a result of my Very Bad Day I was too stressed to ride, and I got home and made a gin and tonic. Very strange, very old-fashioned, a grown-ups sort of drink. It’s the type of thing I remember my parents drinking when I was a kid. “Make me a G&T, sweetie.” Very odd, but not bad.

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