Paladins Rule

My posting schedule continues to be irregular. I’m still in the much-hated job, and each night I come home after a very long commute feeling tired, depressed as hell, and without the energy to do anything that I’d planned. Sometimes I coccoon, wrapping myself in a duvet on the couch while I re-watch Firefly or the Harry Potter movies. Those are bad nights.

If only I’d realised how much growing up and becoming a responsible adult would suck, I don’t think I would have bothered. :/

I have been doing a bit of healing on my still-woefully-undergeared pally. I enjoy it a lot, although I think I would get very flustered if trying to raid heal. Better gear, with more intellect, would help a lot. Speed runs are tough, if there are people who need a lot of healing.

I know that healing has been described as whack-a-mole, and it’s true…there is an element of that. You stare at Grid while trying to keep half an eye out for shadow circles or fire or whatever on the floor. God knows what the instances actually look like. And yet, it’s fun. I’ve played ranged dps for so long that healing is a challenge, and everything feels new again.

The new pally changes are interesting – I love the idea of being a melee healer, a type of battle monk. I’ve loved classes in other games that combine healing with dps, and this would be a huge step in that direction. The only thing that I really don’t like is the combo-point-type mechanic. That is part of the reason why I’ve never been able to actually level a druid or rogue past 30…the combo point/finishing move mechanic just feels too artificial and stilted. But we will see. Despite my being a total tard at playing melee dps characters, I think it will be a good change.

Well, back to work. This was a stolen moment from my workday, taken to make up for having worked through lunch. I know, I know…emo  much?

4 thoughts on “Paladins Rule”

  1. Keep your nose up Fox-girl!:-)

    Personally, when I am down, thinking that others drew shorter straw humbles me and helps. I remember year ago, when I was in hospital, and nobody knew If I will walk or not, I talked with a guy suffering from extensive brain tumor. I realized, that what has happened to me, was lifechanging disease. He didn’t had luxury of thinking about changes in his life, he was about to fight hard for having couple more years. Life is not that bad:-) Think, you have european paid vacation! If you don’t have cash to fly to Egypt (its dirt cheap even for polish incomes – so I guess even more affordable for english) you can at least do nothing and revel in fact, that someone pays you for doing nothing:-)

    Now paladin healing… I don’t even run dailies nowadays, as I don’t see need to upgrade my gear above ICC normal level, but sometimes I hit random or sign up for Lower Spire raid just to heal people – really enjoying it, being paladin healer grants you tunnel vision and perfect cutoff from real world:-) Melee dps is so much more work… Btw. I looked up Kestraal on Armory, and you really have to get more Int – having measly 20k mana makes your life hard. With every proper paladin piece (be it plate or shammy mail) you will get better.

  2. That’s true…I try to remind myself that things aren’t so bad, that the recession will someday be over, and there are many, many worse things that could happen to me aside from being stuck in a job that I hate. I would never claim to not be a petty, self-dramatising sort of person because, well, that would be a lie. :)

    And yes, I know I lack mana. I totally couldn’t heal Halls of Reflection last night because there was an area where I ran out of mana. I have a bunch of +20 intellect gems in the bank, waiting to be socketed into better gear…I should probably just bite the bullet and use them now.

  3. James Wilmington

    I was in Halls Of Reflection last night too… and wouldn’t you know it! the sodding instance Bugged! and loads of mobs started ‘evading’ everyones’ shots; erstwhile the Lich King himself marched inexorably toward us!

    He laid many smack downs on us all.

    Thankfully though… i managed to win a ‘Need’ Role for “the battered hilt”

    go me!

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