Flying digest-version update.

The lesson was cut short last night when Lizzie tied up. Didn’t have to call the vet, but it was scary. Have to do research on azutoria today.

Spent last night being sick…headache-verging-on-migraine, and tightness/pain in chest. The problem with having lupus is that, as an autoimmune disease, it’s made worse by stress and your body starts attacking itself. I’ll have to do something until I can find another job…perhaps use my remaining holidays in half-days just to get away from the noise at work, and start taking some sick time. Feel horrible this morning.

la-di-dah, off again to the mines…

3 thoughts on “Pah…”

  1. Because I rarely write about it because it’s booooring. :) Normally it doesn’t affect anything but my joints, which I have a homeopathic remedy for, as long as I don’t get stressed enough to feel like an animal wanting to chew it’s own leg off. That’s when things start to suck. Plus I don’t tan, which I never did anyway, because all I get are freckles.

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