Ow, ow, ow, part II

I went for the longest ride today. Got to the farm at 9:00, mucked out and got his feed ready, then tacked up…and got home after 2:30. My thighs are KILLING me, but it was great. There is a farm that we can ride across, a long ride but at least we can ride on grass, off the roads. There is a long section of gallops, uphill, that all the horses anticipate; as we were coming through the first of the gates, and Kip realised where we were going, I could feel his heart pounding – very, very odd feeling. Overall he was very good, but the new horse who was prancing and spooking the whole way set him off.

We saw tons of tiny lambs in the fields. I love lambs – every spring I always tell Phil that I wish I could stop the car and go catch one and hold it. Realistically, I probably couldn’t actually catch one, of course, but I still wish I could. :) We also saw a Highland calf, very odd looking, which really made the horses nervous. (“It’s a baby calf with long hair and horns – obviously spawn of the devil!”)

Speaking of the devil, we watched The Prophecy again, since Phil had never seen it. Viggo Mortenson as the Devil, wonderful, and Eric Stoltz as a very sexy angel. Niiiice. Christopher Walken, as always, is twisted and perfect.

This weekend was over too fast…

7 thoughts on “Ow, ow, ow, part II”

  1. catwithclaws

    Sounds quite marvelous! So good to hear that you are finding places to ride out an around with Kip :)

    and YES, the heart-thudding-between-your-legs experience is very odd!

  2. I loved that film, watch it every now and again. I expect Walken to be good, but Morgensen as the devil was chillingly good.

    I can’t wait to get Killian’s feet trimmed so I can go on long rides, though I do think yours beats all.

  3. I’m sure if you went to a local farm they’d let you hold a lamb. Alot of farms have a childrens farm where you can bottle feed the lambs.

  4. Don’t they just look SO tiny and soft? I love lambs…although I admit I love them on the plate, too. :(

  5. I’ve never felt that before…strange that you can feel it through something the size of a horse.

  6. Killian is absolutely gorgeous. It’s exciting enough galloping Kip, I can’t imagine what it would feel like to gallop something Killian’s size.

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