Ow, ow, ow…

I have a dental appointment on Thursday for my bad tooth. Normally I avoid the dentist like crazy, I never have regular checkups and (fortunately) it usually works out ok, since I have good teeth. But this is too painful, and besides I’ve gone through all of the painkillers we begged from Phil’s mom and dad.

It’s a private dentist. Getting in to see an NHS dentist would have taken months, and I just couldn’t wait – but we’re both dreading it. If I have to have this tooth out, I’m assuming it’s going to be several hundred pounds, and now is NOT a good time. We’ve seen stories on the news about people travelling to Poland or wherever just so that they could afford the dental work. Yikes!

Otherwise, things are ok. My boss actually asked if I wanted to work from home last week, as I looked very sick and exhausted because of the tooth problems. *shock!!!* The Canadian site finally limped into “live” status. I got a lot of SEO work done and had a long meeting with my boss about value-added features to add to the site, which mostly make sense and should be fun.

The J2EE programmer and I were talking the other day about our job. When it’s not frustrating, it’s actually kind of fun: even though the site isn’t making much money right now, it’s like having this big, expensive playground to have fun in and learn new things in. He’s been re-coding our search, and it’s now actually functional. I had fun using it to find out how many times our copywriter has used the word “excellent,” which is one of my pet peeves. He was in a snit fit about having to write individual copy for products, and so had a period where he called everything excellent, just to take the piss. “An excellent dinner plate.” “An excellent teacup.” Grrr….my other pet peeve is the word “classy.” If you have to describe yourself as classy, you AREN’T. Anyway, search has a max limit of 300 results, so I couldn’t find the actual total. *sigh*

Well, I suppose I need to drag myself and my triple-damned evil tooth down to the bath, so I can clean up and go mail the saddle that I sold on eBay. Ow, ow, ow…there just isn’t enough vodka in the world. :(

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  1. I had a tooth removed a few years ago and the whole appointment, check up, a sedative (yes I am that nervous) all the painkillers and anti bacterial washes and him removing the tooth was less than £300. I think it was about £270 if I remember right. That was a private Dentist. He was a specialist in nervous patients and cosmetic work. So he was towards the top end of the market. Hopefully your dentist won’t charge too much I have heard of people getting a tooth out for under £100.

    Grind paracetamol into a paste with a drop of water and rub it directly on your sore tooth, it does help with the pain.

  2. Hahaha…I read that out to Phil and he said “holy shit!” I’ll try the paracetamol thing, thanks. At this point I think I’d try anything, morphine, you name it. :(

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