Overhealing like Mad

I’ve done a lot more healing this weekend, and although Kes isn’t ready for the runs that I really want gear from, I’m getting more used to healing groups (otherwise known as Not Screwing Up). I really need to figure out Grid, however – although I can heal five mans by clicking on bars, it would be much too slow and clunky for anything more demanding. I overheal like mad, which at this point is ok by me as long as everyone stays on their feet. I’ll work on more efficient healing as I go on.

Oh, and Miz? “One of the things a new paladin needs to learn is not to be timid with Holy Light, but to be willing to use it a great deal, even if there is a lot of overhealing.” So there. :P

I would love to see the Hyldnir as a playable race. There’s something about these stout blue ladies that I really like. Although they, undeniably, do look stupid on a sparkle pony.

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