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We had a very good week with my family, who had never been to England before. We ate tons of food, did the Old Trafford tour (the most boring tourguide in the world!), saw the Tower of London (the best/funniest/most sarcastic tour guide EVER), British Museum (my neice took tons of flak for not knowing what the Rosetta Stone was) and we all learned that there are 532 stairs in the Tower/Ramparts walk at Warwick Castle…I still feel it in my thighs, and my knees are totally shot. A very good time.

Yesterday we were recovering, taking it easy, and making sure all our characters were still there. It was funny…when I take time off, I get out of step. The grind of dailies and so on seems boring, but then I gradually get back into step.

Ezrulie became a Chicken Rider – my first Horde mount!

And I remembered how much fun PVP could be.

In my boredom, I:

1. Downloaded Eve Online and tried it. It was beautiful, but I’m not much of a theorycrafter and think I might fail there. Plus, the thought of being totally wiped out and having to start over again leaves me cold.

2. Patched AoC…and didn’t go back because I haven’t been on in ages and I’m in a guild. Yeah, I’m weird that way. Thought about creating another new character, but couldn’t bear the thought of Tortage again.

3. Started to download Requiem: Bloodymare, but was looking at screenshots while it was downloading, didn’t like them, so I cancelled the download.

I think part of my ennui has to do with all of the recent WotLK news. Damn it, I want a beta key. Death Knights sound awesome, and I can’t wait to experience the hunter changes and new pets first-hand; there are a lot of exciting things in the expansion for hunters. It makes me even more bored with the current grind.

Well, we’re off to go kayaking and have lunch, and then hopefully a raid tonight. My California family brought the sunshine with them, and it’s still here.  :)

EDIT: Had to add this, as it really made me laugh:


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