Out of Touch

Tobold had a (as always) very good post about Cataclysm Replayability. If you look at the comments, so many people say that they are playing Rift right now for just those issues – and I can relate. I loved Cataclysm; for about two months I thought it was one of the best expansion ever. And then, after I had two characters at 85 and I’d seen the Worgen and Goblin starting areas…I just didn’t have the heart to play anymore. I’m no longer raiding, I hate playing with the Gearscore jerks and GOGOGOGO guys so I won’t pug heroics, and I just couldn’t face levelling another character. As much as I love the game, I couldn’t bear to log in.

But you know what? I miss Kitsune, my hunter. She was the most favourite character that I have ever played. I feel as though I’ve fallen out of touch with a very good friend, and I miss her. It’s just that I’ve just moved on, and we don’t hang out at the same places anymore. I think about her, but I don’t pick up the phone to call.

Perhaps I’m odd…ok, I almost certainly am. But I kind of like to think that she’s out there, hunting and exploring, or sleeping rolled in a blanket by a campfire with her pet at her side.

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  1. I know where you are coming from as far as Cata goes, I was excited for about a month and then the cracks on the content and community started and I just bugged out. I will, and this is no exaggeration, never go back to WoW. I did my time, played my characters and now it’s over.

    In the past I have had the same experience with missing characters but, and this is how I know I will never go back, I don’t miss any aspect of that game at all.

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