Our Second Karazhan Run

…didn’t happen.

So disappointed.  I’d really been looking forward to it all day, I’d spent most of my available cash on a vastly overpriced staff in the AH to try to get some extra dps, I’d repaired and bought pots and I was waiting on time…and most of the people who should have been there didn’t bother to show up.  Gutted.

I think we need to make an official post about the purpose of this guild.  If it’s social, then fine – let us know now.  If it’s going to be a raiding guild, then there are some responsibilities associated with that.  I would assume that a lot of the new people either 1) haven’t raided at all as part of a large guild, or 2) were looking for a new guild because they were kicked out of a raiding guild.  Either way, not great.

In order to raid successfully, you have to treat it like a job.  Have fun, sure – but you have to be responsible as well.  You can’t just decide not to log on on a Kara night.  You can’t go afk for extended periods of time unless, I don’t know, Martians land or your dog is on fire – and even then it’s questionable. You can’t show up unrepaired with no ammo or bandages.

On a happier note, this motivational poster linked from WoW Insider.  Even though they misspelled “aggro”, it’s still classic:


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  1. I have to admit, this is why I’ve never been big on raids. The minute my entertainment begins to feel like a job, then I need to find new entertainment.

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