Phil just sent me this from the Pajiba forums (no idea where it was, as he emailed it to me):


I say this in all seriousness and without even a hint of wacky jokiness or irony: you are the world’s worst human being. If someone brought Hitler back from the dead with the necronomicon, built rusty steam-punk weaponry into his face and set him loose upon the world, I would still choose to murder you in your infancy over him. I hope someone forcibly violates your mouth-hole with a rusty plumbers wrench covered in Icy Hot no-mess vapor gel until you wretch your fetid, ugly soul onto your computer monitor, short-circuiting the whole mess and thereby granting it artificial inteligence and magic electricity powers to wreck havoc on your shitty, godless life. You putrescent liberal. You’ll never be the man your mother is.


I’m still laughing over the line “you’ll never be the man your mother is.” I have to save that and use it in game sometime. :)

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