Other People’s Dreams

Several days ago we were in Morrisons doing the shopping, and I saw someone who I used to ride with at the barn (her horse had stepped on a nail and had to be put down). She said that she had had a dream about a horse falling down a hill, and when she woke up she was calling Cassie’s name. That made me sad.

I think the worst dream I ever had was soon after I had had my daughter. I was in a large house (not the huge house that my recurrent dreams take place in, but another – all of my nightmares seem to take place in huge houses), and I was looking for Morgaine. All over the house, in every room, in closets…I finally found her in a drawer of an old dresser. She was a china doll that had been broken into pieces, and I could hear a doctor’s voice (don’t ask me how I knew that) say the words “massive trauma.” I awoke crying, and I still remember the fear and horror in that dream, deceptively simple though it sounds.

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