Other People

Via Tobold’s blog and Blessing of Kings, one of the best MMO quotes ever:

The best thing about MMOs is that you can play with other people.

The worst thing about MMOs is that you have to play with other people.

That pretty much sums up my WoW experience. I am rather shy in a non-professional situation, and I’m a bit antisocial, which was why I was a pathetic, lonely failure on an roleplaying realm.  :)  But I love knowing that there are other people inhabiting the world (even if a certain percentage of them are asshats). I need to feel as though I’m part of a community. I love, absolutely love, the experience of working with other people in a raid environment.

But I hate being forced to group. I have terribly bad luck with pugs, and I’m not social enough to have a large circle of friends that I can do heroics and such with. So I miss out on a lot, just due to not wanting to initiate interaction with people.

Miz has been reading a lot of reviews on the next GTA release, and is very much looking forward to playing that in multiplayer mode. I probably wouldn’t play a game to any level that wasn’t multiplayer, and my preference is for MMOs.

The best thing is knowing that there are other people out there, and that you are part of a living world.

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