Orrerys and Astrolabes

I have been surfing this afternoon. To be precise, I have been trying to work on a Flash presentation for the Reception area, but mainly I have been daydreaming and surfing. I went out to lunch today with several people from work (paranoid now, and not listing names so as to not let those involved fall into the hands of the enemy), a very long and funny lunch involving much gossip about absent co-workers, a very small shandy, and decent lasagne. It would be too sad to assume that the small shandy is the cause of my present lassitude, but the fact is that I just don’t feel like working.

Back to more interesting subjects (i.e., non-work). I have been daydreaming about what I would collect if I had unlimited funds and a large house to showcase said collections. In that unlikely event, I would love to collect gorgeous mechanical toys. Orrerys in semi-precious stones and precious metals. Ornate astrolabes. Quirky clocks. Antique mechanical toys. There was a section in the British Museum that showcased exactly that, and I remember being spellbound and amazed at the gorgeous contraptions.

Anyway. Back to reality. Yes, in my next life I shall try to be Angelina Jolie in Tombraider, with that amazing house. (Ok, the body wouldn’t be bad, either.) The bungee-dancing scene to music was SO cool – I want very much to do that. In my house. In my frickin HUGE house filled with orrerys and antique astrolabes.

Almost five…woo hoo!

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