I have a lot of alts.  Some of them I’ve created because I wanted to play that class, or to play on a certain server. I have Draenei and belfs, created to try the new starting areas. Some I created solely because I thought of a cool name, and some were created because I just wanted to dink around in ez-mode in the starting areas and hide from my friends and guildmates. A lot are languishing because they’ve hit dry spots, where it’s just too much of a pain in the ass to level them…and so they sit, lonely orphans.

Some of the current alts (not counting bank alts and name-holders):

Ezrulie, level 28, belf hunter with big blonde hair and bigger attitude…created to try the belf starting zone and to roleplay.  She used to have a troll stepsister who did everything with her, but dual boxing was too much of a pain so she, I don’t know, died or moved away or something.

Cat, level 48 fire mage. She’ll be levelled to 70 for alchemy, as she’s 300 in alchemy right now. She was basically created because there’s a certain set of human features that I think is beautiful, and I wanted to try a mage. (I’ll post pics of everyone later.)

Corvae,  level 20-something druid.  I’ve always wanted a druid, but I just can’t level them.

Raevyn, now renamed, level 48 draenei shadowpriest. Created to see draenei starting area, levelled to present level, Miz took her over and never played her, so I may start playing her again.

Kittaen, level 13 pink-haired gnome warrior.  Just because she’s so cute.

And this weekend I created three paladins…because I’ve never played one. One belf, since their horses look awesome. One human, because she looks like me, with long red hair. One draenei, since the racials would probably work better, and I could call her Podkayne, which amuses me.

I play too much…

7 thoughts on “Orphans”

  1. Give some of those alts a chance, with the recent leveling improvements, it’s a lot faster for them to grow in power. Some time after the changes were introduced, I went back to my pink-haired gnome cute warrior (;D) and rushed through levels 50-60 in 3 days. Now she’s 65, nice to see her steamrolling through those big and ugly Outlandish monsters! ;)

    “…so she, I don’t know, died or moved away or something.”

    I loved that line. ;DDD

  2. Must be a epidemic of altitis going around, because I just posted on a similar thing. I ended up creating a Belf Pally over the weekend too. There must be something hypnotic about that Create button.

  3. Sometimes I think, I would be happy if WoW like other MMOS had only 5-6 character slots. Lure of alting is too strong…

  4. I tend to do the same thing. I get bored playing the same character so I end up making another. Sometimes I make alts simply because I have a good idea for a name. *facepalm*

  5. Hi Rav, I’m leaving a comment just to say how interesting it is to read your honest thoughts from the past couple of years, since we never really spoke much while we were guildmates. Hope everything is going well for you and Miz.

  6. Heehee, I should make a post about my alts, too. I’ve been having a lot of fun with them, lately! I have 4 lil’ guys all in their early 20s, it’s so interesting to run the same quests with different classes. My druid is level 23… it’s been so fun once he hit 20! Being a cat is great. :-)

  7. Hey, Elore – very nice to “see” you again! You know that I always feel very nostalgic for the old days…those were very good times. That’s part of the reason for going back to the present guild, to play with Miz and at least some of the old SS people. It’s nice to have that continuity. Say hi sometime!

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