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Thank goodness for being able to set TV shows to record. I don’t think we’ve watched anything “live” in years, as we tend to set the few shows that we do care about to record and then watch them without the plethora of hated commercials. Usually I’ll fast-forward through the opening credits as well, but there are a few shows that have opening credits so iconic that I will refuse to miss them. This article made me think about the ones that I’ve loved over the years.

Videos past the jump:

First and foremost, always and forever, my beloved Firefly. The opening song has always seemed to be the essence of what being an American is, without patriotism or any political agenda, just pure frontier spirit, individualistic and stubborn. Perhaps that is just me, but like Last Chance Texaco by Rickie Lee Jones it echoes something very deep about who we are underneath all the nonsense. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a YouTube version of this with the actual opening credits, but this is the song:


Next would be the theme for True Blood. Despite the show falling apart towards the end, I will always love this sequence: a very Southern mixture of religion, race, bigotry, flesh, life, sex, rot – it was perfect. And I adore Bad Things by Jace Everett.


The Walking Dead. Bleak scenes of a broken and dying world slowly falling into rust and rot. Gorgeous.


All of the American Horror Story opening title themes have been great, but I think Coven is my favourite:


This list wouldn’t be complete without Game of Thrones, of course – it is an incredible way of bringing a map to life and gives a sense of the political struggles and stresses in the lands within its boundaries.


And lastly, something very different: Big Bang Theory. I drive Phil mad when we watch it, as I refuse to let him fast-forward through this song. It just makes me happy. :)


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