Ooooh, Shiny

I just saw this:

Electronic Arts is teaming up with Spicy Horse and American McGee to create a sequel to Electronic Art’s PC classic from 2000.

Currently titled The Return of American McGee’s Alice, the game is still in pre-production and “won’t be completed for some time.” The game is in development for the PC, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.

“This new project is a dream come true for me and the fans who’ve kept the Alice flame alive,” said American McGee, senior creative director at Spicy Horse. “EA gave us creative latitude and support on the original game which resulted in something beautiful and daring. This trip through the looking glass promises to be even more exciting.”

EA Partners is thrilled to team up with American McGee and Spicy Horse on the next installment of the Alice franchise,” said David DeMartini, senior vice president and general manager of EA Partners. “American McGee’s interpretation of Alice was an instant classic, and EA Partners is ready to help him bring his innovative vision for the franchise to even darker, more exciting places.”

What are you hoping for from this game? A rework of the original? New ground broken? Multiplayer?

Multiplayer? Interesting…


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