Pretty bad night last night. Acquired a migraine (imagine that!) that made me ill and blind with pain. Horrible…haven’t had one in ages.

Asked Phil on the way to work if he would forget work and go somewhere to talk today, and he screamed at me in front of people at the college, said he wasn’t interested in working anything out, and drove off with tires screeching. So that, evidently, is that.

Onwards…have to get the house problem taken care of, and try to get my passport back. As Phil threatened last night, as soon as he tells them that we’ve broken up, they’ll deport me. That’s a fine thanks for five years. But, anyway, onwards. I’ll deal with whatever I have to.

Fortunately it’s fairly quiet today, as staff are taking their last holidays before school starts again. I cannot concentrate with people talking or munching chips or whatever close to me. I’ve been struggling with writing the content management system, and I have the html version of the content editor that staff can use to modify or add documents into the database. I also have the GUIs to change or add the plans and schemes of work finished. The WYSIWYG version of the content editor, though, is kicking my ass. The two examples that I’ve found on the net use an Iframe, an IE-only floating frame that displays content. I’m not sure how to adapt that to add areas that will submit the title, and metatag information. Frustrating.

Well, to work, I suppose.

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