Only Tuesday? You’ve Got to Be Kidding

Well, let’s recap my week so far: anything interesting? Hmmmn. Nope. But I’ll write a blog entry anyway (as you do). lol…

I have cramps and a pulled shoulder muscle, as I’m sure everyone will be absolutely fascinated to know. Doesn’t everyone read other people’s blogs for accounts of how badly their work day sucked, what they had for lunch, etc? No? Oops.

Anyway, I have been sitting here today, rather listlessly preparing for another eLearning Advisory meeting (Friday), the ASP/database/whatever seminar (Monday) and templates for the new site. Ho-hum. And reading people’s blogs.

LJers, have you ever used the feature on Livejournal where you can match yourself by interests to the people who most closely match yours? I did that recently, and was horrified by the whiny, depressed, goth wanna-be’s that came up. Am I that bad? Or is everyone whiny and bitchy in their personal blogs? No, it’s probably just me.

Jo and I have been very irritated today by the student that seems to think that the staff room is his own private office. As I was typing that, he burst in through the door, banging it against the wall, and went to grab his printing. Excuse me? Since when did this become YOUR printer? Grrr…last week before classes are out. I am happy about that.

Oops, I was whining again. Whingeing, as they say here. I just feel so very…goth. :)

3 thoughts on “Only Tuesday? You’ve Got to Be Kidding”

  1. Oh, please. You read my journal. You know how intensely exciting my life is. And how whiny and bitchy I am.

    Wait. Make that whingy. Or would it be whingey? How the hell do you pronounce that anyway?

  2. whinj-ing. ;)

    I just keeping hearing my mother say “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” If I followed that, I’d be a mute! lol…

  3. wandringsoul

    After your success with ‘whinging’, you can now progress to ‘aluminium’, and ‘twat’, and those old favourites ‘banana’, and ‘tomato’…

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