One of THOSE lists

You know, those lists that you make when your life seems totally out of control and you want to get some semblance of normalcy back again. So here is my life laundry list:

1. Buy a car this weekend. Whatever we can afford, as long as it’s small and economical and has enough power to get around a tractor without needing a mile of clear road to do so in. And something sporty enough that it doesn’t feel like a grandmother car. I have zero no claims, so it needs to be cheap to insure, as well.

2. We need to sell the Frontera now that the winter is over and we no longer have the horse trailer to pull.

3. We HAVE to get a handle on our tip of a house. I know we’re both overworked and overtired, but really…adults shouldn’t live like this. I had to wash dishes this morning just so I could have a cup of coffee. Phil, you need to do some housework – you’re not exempt!

4. We need to finish the work on the hall and the bathroom.

5. We need to have a good sort-out on the animals; Flea needs to go in the small cage so she can see us, because she’s lonely, and we need to block the flues on all the fireplaces so that Aja can’t jump up into them and get into the chimney. The weasels need a good spring cleaning, and we need to weasel-proof the back garden so they can run around.

6. I need to start working Lizzie on a more regular basis, so that I can realistically start showing. I need to start lessons again.

7. We need to remortgage and roll the existing loans into the mortgage. Pay off the credit cards, too.

8. Finally, we need to get healthy again. Aside from my riding, we have no other physical outlets and spend too much time sitting in front of a computer. We eat reasonably healthy meals, but need to cut out junk and cut down on alcohol. Dance lessons? Martial arts? Just good hard walks every night…when you’re not doing Molten Core? :P

4 thoughts on “One of THOSE lists”

  1. cadavre__exquis

    Wow. All I can say is you’re on the right path with making this list and now just need to take it one step at a time.

    And as far as #8, definitely martial arts. You can do it together and the benefits would be endless: exercise, stress outlet, better concentration and you get to socialize in a group as well.

  2. I’ve always wanted to do aikido – not sure if I could do it with a bad knee, though. We need something…muscles unfortunately don’t maintain themselves. :(

  3. I could so do with number 8, we have been really letting things slip recently with eating well and exercising. You could always get a dog – there are breeds that are suitable for people with fur allergies.

  4. 3. Dishes, hmm… I used to be a dish fanatic. Now I find it hard to keep up with them with only 1 arm… (baby in other arm usually), heh. And my roommate uses so many dishes. When I lived alone and bought microwave dinners and stuff in cardboard containers, and make sandwiches, I found there were never any dishes to do ;)

    8. I always wondered…. in Ashland I used to grab a 40oz of beer and walk for about 3 miles up and down the hills. That’s a lot of beer and a lot of excercise. So was I gaining or losing??? hehe. Recently I’ve been speed-walking 2.2miles to a friends house in 25 minutes, drink a bunch, then speed-walk home. Good for legs/heart, bad for liver? dunno what a good balance is, hehe, all I know if that I love speed-walking ;)

    I read your recent post, glad you got a new car!! :) How are the other 7 Action Items going?

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