One Day Later…

I was a noob and logged out so we could reset the router.  Bad idea.  :(  Overall, though, when you can get in, it’s stable and not very laggy. I have general chat turned off because it’s appalling. We’ve enjoyed playing in our own little world.  Aside from the lack of servers, I would say overall that this was a pretty smooth launch. If you could get in, your experience was likely to be positive (in terms of gameplay).


I really like the crafting and gathering mechanics – you get xp for both, and at the moment work orders from the profession trainers are making it a bit cheaper to level up your chosen professions. The recipes actually seem useful (at least at this level); Ravven as a templar is doing armorsmithing, and the pieces that she can make are better than most of what she has on. I love being able to level all the gathering professions.

Since we didn’t make it through the queues until about 11:30 pm, we played quite late last night.  I’m guessing it will be another late night again tonight – but I’m having fun!  :)

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