On Hiatus. Or Perhaps Not.

We received some bad news today. Between Phil and I (both working for the same company), we’re owed something like £18k in back salary from the demise of Top Sekrit Projekt. The company has finally been dissolved, and while we knew we weren’t going to get the full amount, we were expencting something like £5-6k. Not enough to allow me to quit this job, but enough to give us some options and a start on a new business. And today, the day when we could first file, we were told that the company had been closed improperly and no one was getting any money. I feel gutted. Worse than gutted, I feel as though I was holding on to the edge of a roof and some asshat just came along and stepped on my fingers.

So, on hiatus for the foreseeable future…or maybe not. I could feel all hopeful and sunshine-y tomorrow and go on posting about fluff and nonsense. But I doubt it. So for those of you who are looking for gaming posts, there is a blogroll in the sidebar with some very interesting and talented people in it. For those of you who check in from time to time to see if I’ve actually gone ahead and offed myself, feel free to keep checking – you never know. :)

I’ve never known a time like this – I suppose we’ve all been lucky, all of us children of the 80s, 90s and so on. If you weren’t working, if you didn’t have money, then you just weren’t trying hard enough. For those with intelligence and drive and creativity, the world was yours to do with it what you would. Here’s opportunity – now go and do something with it. The recession has seen the death of opportunity, of taking risks. In my old life if a company had hired a man in my position, I would have walked out, found a much better job, and then sued their asses off. But I am trapped.

Ah, hell…I’m boring myself. No one likes sad stories, and this isn’t even entertaining drama. So I will leave you with something that makes me happy. (I don’t know why. It just does.)


3 thoughts on “On Hiatus. Or Perhaps Not.”

  1. Man, that really sucks.

    Fuck those guys for stomping on your fingers. Just fuck them.

    That is all.

  2. Agree with the sentiment herin – you lost some hope, you can get it back. Money you never had – owed or not – can’t be missed. Look into other options for starting your business.

    Really sorry to hear about this.

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