On Hiatus

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On hiatus for a bit…gaming and art and so on seems a bit frivolous right now, when Teh Skies R Fallin!!! so I’ll be back later once everything has sorted itself out and things are better. Or maybe I won’t, since I’ll probably do four posts in a row tomorrow.  :)  But for now, everything is too grim. Not Grimm, which would at least be cool and spooky and interesting in a my-what-big-eyes-you-have way, but just grim.

I has a sad.

3 thoughts on “On Hiatus”

  1. Awesome people aren’t eaten alive by grim. They go through grim and emerge stronger and more beautiful, with grim innards in their teeth. And since you are awesome, we need only to wait a bit.
    It will pass, whatever it is.

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