On Being A Guy

I’ve been sidetracked from my Disciple of Khaine recently by a Chosen tank called Xanax. Yeah, I know, but I only created him to check out the starting area, and that name just came off the top of my head – I didn’t expect to continue playing him.

I’ve always had issues with playing male characters – I generally only have female avatars. Since I tend to indentify with my characters and invest them with personality, they are almost exclusively female. The fact that most of the games I’ve played tend to have grotesquely musclebound male models doesn’t help.

But this guy? We get along. He’s older, with grey hair and a heavily scarred face. He’s ugly and tough, but I think there’s a soft side lurking in there somewhere.  :)

I absolutely love the starting area. It feels more natural, less bland than some of the others. The town is very nicely done, and has sort of a Fable feel to it. The initial spawn point has an awesome moving gate, and their version of the starting quests seem to work quite well.

Some screenshots:

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