Oh, Poo…

Just lost a long blog entry, but then it probably wasn’t very interesting anyway. :(

When all else fails, make a list. So, without fanfare, here is a list of ten things that I want to do SOON, without fail:

1. Go see a movie. It’s been ages since I’ve done that. I want to see Lost in Translation, I haven’t seen ROTK yet, Peter Pan looks interesting, and it’s too late to see Kill Bill – I’ll have to wait for video. :(

2. I need to get Kipper on full livery, so I can go out to the barn late in the evening, when I have a chance of riding. I went out there at the buttcrack of dawn yesterday, in vain hope of riding before the arena was full of little girls on ponies. No luck. I need to start going out there at eight or nine in the evening, which I hate because, by the time I get back, the evening is gone. I’ve been very frustrated about it.

3. I want to start painting and doing digital work again. I have the digital camera that I got for Christmas, and I can begin taking the base photos that I need to again, if I can find models. (Any offers?)

4. I don’t want to give up on Shadowlands, my defunct graphic strip. , do you by any chance happen to have the original panels from that? If so, could I beg some scanning work from you or Josh? :) I’ll owe you forever.

5. I want to be more organised, and get more done in a day.

6. I don’t want to be so intensely lonely anymore.

7. I want to have my finances in order, and not be so worried about all of the money issues. Financially, we’re bleeding to death right now. Yeah, I got a horse. I do realise that. It’s my fault. :(

8. I want to travel. I want to cruise in a felucca down the Nile, and visit Morocco.

9. I want to go home and visit my family without being afraid to go back to the US, home of paranoia and rabid patriotism. I want to not be angry about seeing US flags everywhere.

10. I want my family to visit me, and my friends from back home, so I can share all of the things that I’ve fallen so much in love with. I miss you guys.

6 thoughts on “Oh, Poo…”

  1. mercury_realm

    You needn’t be intensely alone sweetheart. Like you, Lani is alien in a strange country, and it would only take a cheap phonecall for you to hear a friendly recognisable voice, we’re literally a couple of miles down the road, and I know she would be able to share some of what you are going through.
    Its just a thought hon’.

    Incidently, I’d be really interested in seing your graphics strip-defunct or otherwise.

  2. It might be worth keeping an eye on the cinema listings for your local arts picturehouse, the one in Cambridge is showing Kill Bill this week, so it might be that some of the others will show it.
    Sorry to hear that you are feeling lonely, I hope that your family/friends get to visit you soon.
    I know how isolated it can make you feel when you are the ‘new girl’ in town…..I’m sure that you will make good friends here soon enough.

  3. Stop talking to this infernal machine and talk to some REAL people, just cheer up you miserable bint!!!

  4. Thank you. What a nice thing to say; I appreciate it very much. :)

    The graphic strip was on one (yeah, I know) CD, which has been scratched and damaged in transit. All that work, gone. The original panels were too large to ship to the UK, so I don’t have them anymore, and honestly don’t remember who I left them with. Presumably with friends, and NOT at my parents’ house, since some of the subject matter was quite dark and pronographic in places. If I can find them, I will definitely post them.

  5. Yes, perhaps with the new job. I just miss my friends at home a lot at times. (Visit, damn it, guys!!!) lol…

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