oh noes…

Miz just sent this to me: Nathan Fillion in PGPorn’s “Nailing Your Wife“.  lol… Pretty much SFW.

From James Gunn (Slither):

How many times have you been watching a great porn film – you’re really enjoying the story, the acting, the cinematography – when, all of the sudden, they ruin everything with PEOPLE HAVING SEX?

A bunch of times, right?

That’s why I, along with my brothers Brian and Sean, have created JAMES GUNN’S PG-PORN. It’s pornography everyone can enjoy, not just perverts. You and your grandmother, for instance, could sit down together and enjoy some nice clean smut. Or your kids could come home from school, and the whole family could gather around the computer and not-jerk-off to some porn deeply embedded with traditional values (like not fucking.)

GOOD BOYS PRODUCTIONS and SAFRAN DIGITAL GROUP is proud to announce our new web series, JAMES GUNN’S PG-PORN, which teams mainstream Hollywood actors with performers formerly known for their work in the adult industry, but who will soon be known for being part of a worldwide revolution in sexless pornography. JAMES GUNN’S PG-PORN is the only porn where, when the delivery boy comes over to deliver some pizza, people actual get what they’re expecting – some delicious pizza!

We hope you’ll join us OCTOBER 8 on Spike.com or here at PGPorn.TV to see the very first episode of JAMES GUNN’S PG-PORN, Nailing Your Wife, with Nathan Fillion and Aria Giovanni. Watch Nathan Fillion inhabit the role of “CHRIS”, who doesn’t have any sex whatsoever with his boss’s wife, MRS. GRIMES.

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  1. Now, I saw that clip – and shock horror my so heterosexual better half lusted after actress o.O I definitely should play less WoW:-)

    By the way, any chance for You emailing me at walgierz at gmail dot com? I have some questions about photo terminology and I don’t want to hunt and bother You in game with that.

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