Offer Accepted

We went back to see the townhouse in Leek again, this time with Phil’s parents. We offered her a bit under what she was asking…and she accepted!!! I am SO excited! I’ve never owned a house before, never thought I would. Of course, it’s not ours yet; we have a lot of hoops to jump through first. But it’s a first step.

I’ve been sitting here all morning, mentally decorating. :)

1 thought on “Offer Accepted”

  1. Yes, it’s a great leap forward, and a great house…has a very warm feeling about it…the kind of place that feels like home the moment you walk in.

    It just remains to secure the mortgage we’ve been chasing (yes, we should have done it first, but it’s like trying to nail snowflakes to a plank)

    Wish us luck!

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