Off Work!

I’m working on the dark mini-site this morning. Ok, no, actually I was going through LJ and idly looking at eBay, but I plan to work on the site this morning. ;)

This afternoon I will be waiting for the new farrier, hoping that he will show up. Twice now, two farriers have failed to show up for an appointment that I had used a day of vacation to cover. I don’t understand these people. I was watching the weather report, hoping for sun so that the farrier would have a greater chance of actually wanting to show up. He talked to someone else at the stable to make sure that Kip was good with farriers, and if he wasn’t, I would never have heard from them again. Farriers in England are the ultimate prima donnas…they work 9 to 5, Monday through Friday, they pick and choose what horses they will work on, they don’t show up for appointments and never call…and they have more business than they can handle. It’s MUCH worse than plumbers. My friend at the stable has a new mare that has taken a long time to settle in; she’s arranged to have her tranq’d before the appointment for her shoes, because if she’s restless or pulls her foot away from the farrier, he won’t come back to do her a second time. Useless bastards.

Well, back to work.

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  1. wandringsoul

    From the discussion I had with one of them on a day off, a lot more that you’d imagine…tho from what he said a lot of the people doing it aren’t trained properly or for long enough which could be anything from inconvenient to dangerous…

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