*off-work happy dance*

I’m waiting for an eBay auction to end. There is a multigym that I have my eye on, and I think I can actually get this one at a decent price. I miss my weight machine that I had back in the States. Yaay for being able to work out again!

Last ten minutes, and I’m bored. Refresh, refresh, refresh. So I thought I’d post a picture of Anansi.

Across the street from us is a home where young adults in care are housed. Most of the time they seem fairly happy, although sometimes one of them goes out into the garden and cries, huge whooping sobs. It’s such an uncomfortable feeling to listen to it – normally, you would go and see if you could help in any way. But you couldn’t in this instance.

I hate to just sit and listen, without doing anything to help. He must need to do it, though, or the care attendants would be seeing to him.

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