Of Gnome Invasions, Pimp Hats and Troll Tales

This was a good weekend for roleplay on Argent Dawn, with two events taking place on Saturday. Single Abstract Noun continued their march for gnome rights, and spread the good word in Ironforge, Stormwind and Darnassus.

Our ringing declarations of gnome rights and cried of “For Gnomeregan!” fell on deaf ears in Ironforge. In Stormwind we had a very helpful guard who showed us some of the sights of the city, after first trying to move us along from our chosen pub (which evidently didn’t serve gnomes.

He kept telling us to visit Goldshire, go figure. :)

In Darnassus we cleaned the road dust off with a dip in their famous spa. Much gnome nekkidness and silliness ensued, although we pissed off some of the night elves. Evidently the spa was a holy moonwell or something. Sheesh, who knew?

Like country rubes on their first visit to the city, innocent of harmful intent, we caused consternation wherever we went.

That evening was a troll storytelling event, which was by and large wonderful. Some stories rambled and lost their way, but many had a Just So story or Native American trickster tale feeling to them.

And then we danced in circle, and thanked the loa for good hunting, true arrows, and clean kills. Lovely.

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