Of Aion and Pally Tanks

…two completely unrelated subjects. :)

I’m on the PC early this morning, having coffee and reading blogs. Not that being on the PC early in the morning is unusual, you understand, but I totally forgot that it was Wednesday maintenance day and I can’t do Sunwell dailies while I have breakfast. *sigh* This game is too much like a job, I tell you.

I just read a review of Aion that I really liked: Aion Is Where I Wanna Be, on Girls Don’t Game. From the time I first saw screenshots and video of Aion, I was a total fangirl and couldn’t wait for it to be out. I fully admit that if the gameplay is anything like Guild Wars (which it probably will be), I’ll just play it casually and enjoy it for the prettiness if nothing else. But still, I am very much looking forward to it.

As for pally tanks, our guild is really feeling the lack of one. Our hunter class leader is filling in at the moment with an alt, but is becoming increasingly unhappy with having to “take one for the team” every night. I’m thinking about trying to level one…but the thought of the work involved in trying to powerlevel to 70 makes me rethink the matter. But as short supply as tanks are in, pally tanks are even harder to find on our server.

Anyway, we had a good, if ultimately unsuccessful, night in MH last night. The trash waves on Kaz’rogal were going down well, and we got him down to less than 30%. On our first night there, I was so frustrated at how hard the gargoyles were to pull…and yesterday someone pointed out that according to Wowwebstats, some of the hunters had Salvation on. Doh! So last night I was pulling them through the NPCs and to Thrall with no problem. *sigh*

Well, time to face another day…and I need more coffee. :)

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  1. I will be frank with You: leveling paladin is considerably more tedious than leveling hunter or lock. And then You will need to tank quite a few 5-mans to get practice (tanking is most demanding job in my opinion, tried early-endgame tanking and healing, and former is harder). So, If You really want it, then as bad as it sounds, buy and account with 60-70 lev paladin and try – unless You have lots of free time You WANT to burn, leveling paladin 1-70 is risky idea.

  2. lol…I did think about that, actually. As much as I am totally against buying gold or supporting gold farmers, this sneaky little voice said “you could just buy one and then learn how to play it”. :D

    I sort of have an idea of what you mean…I have a low-level belf pally alt, who I am still enjoying right now but ONLY because she is in the under-30 stage. Anything above that level (on most characters) I find tedious to do again. There’s something soothing about dinking around on a baby character, all the easy levelling…once it becomes work, I lose the will to live. And on the pally I feel as though I could take a bio break or something while she’s whacking away at a mob – not very exciting.

  3. Heh, sure, I despise rmt and trading accounts too. Unlike Tobold, I believe that game is about choices, and bypassing them with real money is tasteless – its not like all hardcore players are losers with no life, and casuals are not high-end only because they have demanding, well-paid jobs. But to the point, I said that, because having cap-level paladin, whom I love dearly, I know how irritating this class can be. And I wanted to save couple of days of Your life:-)

  4. I have a level 70 paladin tank. I really enjoy tanking as it happens, so would be happy to offer help if you need it. Gear is reasonable, although still lacking a couple of bits and pieces.

    Let me know what you think!

  5. I think if you offered a pally tank, especially as I know that you are an awesome player, they would be thrilled. Flights of angels would sing hosannas, and there would be firework celebrations throught the land. :)

  6. OK :)

    You’re forewarned that gear needs a little work (levelled as retri, have a few kara pieces but mostly heroic stuff), but a couple of trips to Kara can sort that.

    I’ve been looking for a bit of a change, to be honest. Hunter is fun, but reasonably monotonous. My PC is in the shop being fixed at the moment, but when I get back online we can hammer out some details.

    I look forward to it!

  7. :D I’m glad you liked my article. I was hoping to get more people aware of what could potentially be a revolutionizing game. (I hope!) I’m a total fangirl of it too.

  8. I’ve got my PC back now, and have been buffing the tankadin as best I can. When is a good time to catch up for a chat?

  9. Hey, welcome back. :) I’ll be on for a short time tonight after work, but we’re hoping for a night off raiding, a DVD, and a bottle of wine tonight, so probably not on for long. Any other night, though, just give Kitsuné a whisper – I’ll watch for you as well.

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