Odd Things and Happy Songs

Do you ever notice odd things on your morning or evening commute?  This morning I saw a woman, dressed stylishly in a black suit and overcoat, walking in her stocking feet to work.  Did she break a heel?  She had a small handbag and wasn’t carrying a pair of shoes.  How odd.  Every morning I see a man standing on an overpass that I have to drive under, leaning on the railing and looking down on the traffic below.  Every. Single. Morning.  Is he thinking about dropping a large rock?  Does he just like watching cars?  I don’t know.

We live on a street of three-story townhouses, most without front gardens.  Lace curtains, while cliche, are a necessity for privacy.  And yet, there are two houses on our street where the families never close the curtains.  Day or night, you can see them watching TV, sitting on the couch eating breakfast in gaping robes, etc.  An interested burglar could check out their electronics to see if it would be worth stopping by one night.  How odd is that?  I’m always tempted to make fish faces on their window some night, really confuse them.

Grace Kelly by Mika is my favourite happy song.  Not my type of music, normally, but I really do like it.  Someone at work said “you like hard music, you’re a Manson fan and you like NIN – and you like Mika?”  Yep.  I think everyone has a “happy song”, that lifts your mood when you hear it; it may not be your type of music, normally, but something in the song resonates with you.  What are your happy songs?

3 thoughts on “Odd Things and Happy Songs”

  1. We do not have a front garden and have no lace curtains. I don’t think a single one of our neighbours has them either. But we do not get a lot of people walking past, so privacy is not really an issue. Most music cheers me up, I’ll listen to almost anything. But for general feel good it is usually something like Snoop Dogg or something dancy.

  2. Happy Phantom by Tori Amos.

    Mainly because myself and my partner were lying in bed one morning, and it came on the radio, and my partner started doing the ‘Happy Phantom’ dance (which largely involves pretending to be a ghost whenever Tori sings the ‘Woo Hoo!’ in the chorus).

    I fell out of bed laughing, and to this day, just hearing the song makes me smile.

  3. I almost never close the curtains. I LOVE light. It drives J absolutely nuts. He says the same thing you did about thieves getting a look at our stuff, and I’m like “What stuff?”. I guess I don’t think of anything we have as being valuable enough to risk going to prison for. But then there’s not much I’d risk prison for :P.

    Some of my happy songs are:

    Prince – Raspberry Beret
    Prince & Sheena Easton – U Got the Look
    Dee Lite – Groove is in the Heart
    B52s – Love Shack!
    Peaches & Herb – Shake Your Groove Thing
    The Commodores – Brick House
    Lady Marmalade – Aretha Franklin
    September – Earth, Wind & Fire

    Hmmm. I see a pattern there. Apparently Disco, R&B & Funk = Happy in my world.

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