NOW It’s Finally Friday

…and I am so thankful for that.

Not that it’s been a hard week, exactly: no overtime, no major disasters. I’m just very ready for the weekend. I want to hang out in our house, which is slowly coming together, with Phil and a couple of good books. I want to paint the bedroom. I want to relax, and wear sweats and a tshirt all day if I want. It’s going to be a good weekend.

The site redesign is getting exciting. Robin has finished the Amazing Database (second version – first was SQL Server, but he re-created in Access as a easily accessible Stage One). Nathan and I can start playing with it now. I temporarily scrapped the complex Zen Garden style CSS that I was trying to work out in favour of a very simple barebones CSS layout. I will go back in later, after we have the site working well, and change the templates to the more complex design. It was too much at this point. But it’s exciting. This is going to be the most kickass small college site EVER.

Well, I suppose I should get to work. Only one day to get through. Piece of cake. :)

3 thoughts on “NOW It’s Finally Friday”

  1. wandringsoul

    It’s odd – and troubling – to see the words ‘relax’ and ‘paint the bedroom’ used to describe the same weekend…

    The two ARE mutually exclusive…

  2. Of course they’re not mutually exclusive…anyone who knows us could translate that. You will relax, and I will paint the bedroom.


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