Nothing to see here…just move on by…

Very blah day today. For some reason (no roadworks, no accidents) it took me an hour and twenty minutes to make a commute that I can normally do in half an hour. I drove in first gear the whole way, inching along.

It’s been incredibly noisy today, and all I want to do is be finished with this awful place. I’ve been trying to get a formal letter of recommendation from HR, to no avail. My last day may be on the 21st, unless they piss me off by refusing to give me the much-deserved letter, in which case I may well just leave. Ok, I probably won’t…sometimes I think being responsible and moral is just another word for being a wimp. I’ll just keep bending over…

Blah. Very blah.

1 thought on “Nothing to see here…just move on by…”

  1. wandringsoul

    “I’ll just keep bending over…”

    Would that be page 38, or 64 of the guide?

    Either one’s fine with me…

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