Not my puter….

I’m on the old computer because P is playing Warcraft again on mine. *sigh* I have none of my bookmarks, and it has a black keyboard that I wore the letters off, and I’m both practically blind and a terrible typist, so I’m typing with my nose practically on the keyboard to do it. lol…did you ever take a look at your life from outside, as it were, and say this is not who I intended to be? We’re having frozen pizza tonight, since we’re both too tired to care about food, and there is broken glass all over the floor behind me, Phil having broken the curved vanity mirror in the guestroom where the old computer is, and I didn’t even notice it until I’d already sat down and turned on the computer. “What the hell is this?” “Oh, sorry, it just fell over on its own when I was getting shavings out for the rat cage.” *sigh* This is NOT Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, by any stretch of the imagination.

I hate CSS. Did I ever say that? I was struggling with the most stupid changes on the site today, for HOURS, unable to concentrate because everyone was so frickin’ loud, and it just wouldn’t work. Then this evil little voice says “this would be easy peasy if you used tables.” “Shut up, you’re the voice of the devil. Get thee behind me, Satan.” So I fought with my changes, as I always do when working with a tricky css problem: make a change, save it. Delete out the .jsp templates on the server, so that they’ll recompile and show my changes. Clear cache in IE, check. Do the same in Mozilla. And start all over. This is no way for a sane adult to spend their life. Why can’t we all just play nicely and get along?

No, I don’t check the code in Opera or on a Mac, sorry. That’s probably really unprofessional of me, and I don’t care, which is also really unprofessional. I don’t have access to a mac, and Opera is a non-existent fraction of a percentage of our customer base, so fuckem.

Ok, I admit, I’m in a mood. I want to be on a beach somewhere sucking down margaritas. I need a vacation.


3 thoughts on “Not my puter….”

  1. I was going to encourage you to come for another visit but I just checked the flights from the UK to here and… whoa! It’s WAY more spendy for you to fly here than for me to fly there :(. Which also does make me feel bad that we haven’t made it yet… but then I think you understand why at the moment.

    Anyway, what I really wanted to say was, I hope things get better. We’re thinking of you and we miss you.

  2. I’d love to visit you guys, especially now, but financially its just not going to happen. :( I miss you! Besides, the next time I fly in to the States I want it to be on my British passport.

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