Not dead…yet

It’s been ages since I’ve posted here, and I haven’t had the time to catch up with everyone’s posts so I’ve probably missed tons of exciting/disastrous/interesting news from back home (I apologise). Things have been insane, manic, frustrating.

Lolcat is getting bigger, and he’s tormenting the old cat unmercifully. I fully expect to come home one night and find Kit hanging in the closet, a little sign around his neck saying “I just couldn’t take it anymore”. Poor old guy.

After many scans and vet visits, Lizzie’s lameness has been diagnosed as a deep flexor tendon injury, which is not a very promising prognosis. Given her less-than-perfect legs and the location of the injury, it’s likely that she will injure it again. I’m trying to decide what to do, and at the moment she is on 12 weeks of box rest with bar shoes to try to take some of the stress off the tendon.

Work is manic and wonderful and impossible (too much to do for too few people), and word is going out. We’re getting enquiries from mega-huge, possibly evil companies (no, not that one, the other one) who might, or might not, snap off our hand at the wrist rather than putting money in it. Interesting times, as the old curse goes.

Winter is here in the UK, and has been for some time. The central heating is on a timer, and I have a blanket on the arm of my chair that I snuggle under when I read. Days are usually grey, and rain during the day is normal. I’m not ready for winter…I needed a summer to fortify me for the long, cold, grey days.

Still playing way too much Warcraft, in a new guild that I love to bits. A lot of people are either Spanish or Portuguese, which makes a change from the usual ones from Denmark/Norway/Finland/Sweden. In my dreams last night I could hear our raidleader shrieking “Cleeek the cube! What is wrong with you guys? Cleeeek the fooking cube!” in his strong accent over TeamSpeak. lol…

Anyway, back to work. :)

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