Not Dead Yet

…I just feel like it at times. Phil and I are still not working, and we’ve pretty much reached the end of our savings. Every day we send out several resumes for jobs that we are usually overqualified for, and usually we don’t get any kind of response back. I don’t know why. It’s been very difficult to keep a positive attitude, which is why I haven’t kept up this blog, and also why I haven’t kept in touch with friends and family as I should have. This has been very tough. I would sign up with a temp agency, but I’m really not a secretarial type, and I hesitate to take a job while I continue looking…it would be unfair to them for me to “sick out” for interviews and then quit as soon as I could. I’m going to have to get something soon, though – no matter what it is.

Confidence is at an alltime low.

Otherwise, all is well. Phil and I have been reasonably good to each other, in spite of being cooped up together with no money to do anything. (Ok, so he puts up with me.) We’ve picked up a few freelance sites, which is good, and once we get those completed (we’re waiting on data from the businesses), we’ll be okay for another month.

Hey, it can’t rain ALL the time, right? ;)

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