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I haven’t updated in…well, in forever. No time, no energy. Feeling unwell really sucks, as does sitting at your desk and being able to run your hands through your hair and pull out strands and hanks of it – such a horrible feeling. This Leo’s vanity is in shreds and tatters, I tell you! :)

For the moment I’ve placed a notice on the site that I’m not taking on any additional cover work for the rest of the year as I am fully booked. Having a full schedule is awesome for a freelancer, of course – but there have been some issues with all the work. One of those issues includes not actually getting paid, which is the first time that this has happened since I began working freelance. I suppose that you can only bank on people’s decency for so long before you run into a few bad apples, but nevertheless I’ll be working on some new guidelines for the coming year.

But enough with the negative stuff, put that crap away in a box and shut the lid. I’ve really been wanting to write lately, I’ve been feeling the deep itch to put all those stories jostling each other in my mind down on paper. I think that I could be an okay writer in time – or at least I think I could tell an interesting story. Hey, we all suck when starting out, right? We’re allowed. The point is getting better, to learn your craft and put those hours of mind sweat in and finally get some reasonable chops that you’re not ashamed for others to see. At least that’s what I’m telling myself.

Phil and I are still playing some ArcheAge, although the reality of playing in a mostly unmoderated sandbox is getting me down a bit. There are bots and hackers galore, which Trion seems unmotivated to control (if anyone still works at Trion, that is – I have a feeling that things are mostly running themselves). There are a lot of very unlovely types playing the game, more than I remembered existing in EVE. It’s a shame, as I think this game had more potential than any MMO that I’ve seen in years.

Winter is coming, well and truly. Not gorgeous postcard-lovely winter with fluffy snow, but that thin, mean English winter consisting of rain, grey skies and fingers and toes which just won’t warm up.

And speaking of cold fingers, I think it’s time for another cup of tea. :)

9 thoughts on “Not Dead Yet Post #4567”

  1. I’m sorry you haven’t been well, Ravv :( And your first non-payer. What an ass! You do the most amazing work how dare they not pay you! Shocking!
    I think you’re a great writer!!! Keep at it :) xxx

  2. I’m sorry you haven’t been feeling well. And sorry some jerk didn’t pay you. I would have been shocked, but I recently saw someone else post something about clients paying, downloading the art, then stopping payment through PayPal. Incredible. And you do such fabulous work too!
    And definitely keep writing! I learned so much between the first and the second books. Now I want to go back and majorly edit Wings, but I keep telling myself to just move forward. :)

  3. Thanks, Stephanie! Regarding trying to scam or stiff the people that we work with – why WOULD anyone do that? Considering the power of social media to spread either good or bad press, an author (or an artist!) would be insane to do so.

  4. I think you should out them. :P Pfft.

    And take care of yourself, gal! We need you to stay strong and healthy so you can keep doing your incredible work!

  5. Sending good thoughts your way, Ravven lady. Sorry for the bad faith customers and feelin’ badly. You have my sympathies…not so good myself. It’s nice to hear your writing itch has flared up. Here’s to finding the time and the inclination.

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