Not Dead (yet)

I know that I haven’t been writing very much lately – too stressed, too tired, nothing but work to write about. Not very interesting to read…or write. But here’s a quick update.

I almost broke my neck. Yep…thought I had, for a few terrified seconds. I was carrying the one remaining small rat up our three flights of stairs, so she could sit by my computer and have company. I somehow totally missed the last two stairs, and did one of those horizontal – hanging in midair for a sec falls, then fell very heavily on my chest, the rat cage catching me under the jaw and snapping my whole head violently, loudly backwards. (Thank the gods I didn’t stick my tongue out, because I would have bitten it off.)

I lay there for a second (an eternity) afraid to move because I didn’t see how someone could do that to their body and NOT break their neck. My second thought was “this is going to be the stupidest story”. I mean, if you have to break your neck, you want to be doing an extreme sport, not falling on a rat cage.

I moved…no immediate pain, and I COULD move, which was a big relief. By then Phil was kmeeling by me, asking me if I was hurt, and being the wonderful patient that I always am when sick or hurt I snarled at him to fuck off and leave me alone. (Don’t ever touch me when I’m hurt – please let me get control of things first, because I am not a pretty person in those times.)

So, no enduring harm done, but much pain in jaw, teeth, neck, etc., and all I can say is thank the gods for codeine. :)

In other news, we moved to temporary offices this morning, and will move again in a month or two. We have a new senior developer, a junior developer who is doing extremely well, and I’ll finally be able to tame this project timeline. W00t!

In Warcraft this weekend, I was levelling my baby priest (currently level 14), when a level 51 and another level 30-something griefed me. I’ve never had this happen, since I don’t play on a PvP server. They kept throwing up duel requests, over and over again, refusing to let me decline (a 14 vs. a 51? Please!), followed me around doing /chicken emotes, killing everything that I was targeting, and completely making it impossible to play. I reported them to the GMs, then told the guild, and within a few minutes there were several level 60s there. My own personal idiots then pissed off to do Deadmines. Such stupidity. (The level 51’s name was Mm, on Aggramar EU, from some Danish guild, if anyone knows him/her.)

Anyway, back to work. :)

13 thoughts on “Not Dead (yet)”

  1. wandringsoul

    Can I have this signed and framed please?

    “By then Phil was kmeeling by me, asking me if I was hurt, and being the wonderful patient that I always am when sick or hurt I snarled at him to fuck off and leave me alone.”

    You ARE the worst patient in the world, and I’d have given up trying years ago if it wasn’t for the ‘I never get any sympathy’ complaints. I can’t win.

  2. HaHaHaHaHa!

    I’m exactly the same way. Awful, really. *G*

    In my case, they key is this: Rush to the scene, and stand by – but DO NOT TOUCH ME and DO NOT ASK ME IF I’M OKAY! Just stay there and wait for me to tell you what I need or want.


    I know it sucks. It’s just the way it is.

    *Maybe this’ll help P stay out of trouble :P.

    Oh, and I’m sorry you took a tumble :(. Have you tried OxyContin? Mmmmmm… lovely stuff, but highly addictive they say.

  3. Exactly!!! I want someone there, because I want to know that you care, but upon fear of having your face ripped off do NOT touch me or (worse) ask if I’m ok. I am quite obviously NOT in the least bit ok, or I wouldn’t be sitting on my ass crying and/or swearing, so don’t be stupid. Just sit there and look caring, and when I’m ready I’ll tell you what happened. :)

  4. wandringsoul

    Rubbish. I’m not (and no one else would either) going to just wander over and stand there looking at you and wait for a response (which at that point is more likely to be ‘what are you just standing there for??’)

    I’ll just keep getting snarled at. Just because I care if you’re hurt, and because I’m concerned that you’re ok, I’ll still keep asking if you’re ok.

    If you snarl and snap – that’s your issue to deal with, not mine, however much it hurts me when you do it – but you can’t stop me caring.

  5. *chuckle*

    We’re not weird. It’s the combination of being embarassed and hurt that makes us so pissed off that we want to rip off your face :P. I’m actually angry at myself because more than likely, if I’d been paying closer attention, the injury would never have occurred.

    I have no idea if it has anything to do with being American. What do English girls do when they feel like huge morons? I’d be willing to bet they get angry, too :P.

    I’m giving you the inside scoop here, so take advantage of it! Just rush over and stand there and wait. More than likely, once we’ve stopped cussing and crying, we’ll want a hug or some help up or something ;). But not ’til we’re done cussing and crying!

  6. Glad to know you’re ok.

    And snappy-cussy mode almost never stops a guy from entering “I’ll save you!” mode. It’s just something we automatically do in those situations. Of course, the “Ill save you!” mode doesn’t do a whole lot of good when it kicks in during the aftermath, but hey, can’t have perfect timing all the time.

  7. lol…true. And we always really appreciate the knight-in-shining-armour stuff. We expect it, too. But to be honest that doesn’t save you from the fallout of being the first on the scene, as it were.

    I guess that’s part of being in love with someone. You can be your ugliest, and know that they’ll still care for you.

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