Not Dead Yet…

…although if I watch any more videos I’ll probably be in a coma. Headache is the worst, as I hate not being able to read. Phil has promised to feed, water and muck Kip tonight, which is very much appreciated as he is allergic to animals and hay, and even the smell of the yard makes him start wheezing. Thank you, baby. :)

Ibuprofen is the best, and must be sacred to the gods. Thank you to the gods of drug research. We didn’t have any more codeine, however, which was bad (and I could care less if that was misspelled, thank you).

The housework left undone from the weekend is depressing me, but it will have to wait. The kitchen seems to get messy so fast, since we have a tiny galley kitchen and there’s no counter space and no storage space. I hate it. My next house is going to have a decent kitchen.

Ow. My head hurts…back to the couch. :(

6 thoughts on “Not Dead Yet…”

  1. I second ‘s idea. I’ll have to remember that.

    I hope you feel better, love. Thinking good thoughts.

  2. wandringsoul

    Well – unfortunately as I leave the house at 7:30, and return to town about 7, it’s not possible I’m afraid. Plus she’s opted to never use the town library again as they’ve twice insisted she hasn’t returned a book that she had…lol

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