Not Dead Yet

Not dead yet…although you couldn’t tell from my recent posts. It’s not that I’ve been so busy; I think it’s more an issue of dealing with tasks during the day that are just mind-numbing. My creativity is gone, drained away into the ennui of everyday life. Blah.

Things are good. We had a spell of sunny weather, which lifted my spirits (although it’s pouring today). I just realised that I can file for permanent residency, which will make me feel a bit more secure.

I don’t understand what has happened in the States. Where are all of the decent, intelligent Americans? Surely they can’t all be overwhelmingly right-wing, conservative, isolationist, Christian sheep and stooges. Phil just sent me an article about the storm of protest against the show The West Wing, and Martin Sheen, who has been campaigning for peace. Boycott the show and the advertisers, he’s anti-American. Since when? The whole country’s gone insane, and I can’t understand how it has happened.

It’s like the stupidity over the “Freedom Fries” thing…refusing to call strips of fried potato French Fries, because the French haven’t given the States their support. The only voice of reason that I’ve heard recently was from the French Foreign Minister, who said something to the effect of us all being friends, and true friends have the right to tell each other when they’re making a big mistake.

What do all of the hard-liners in the States think will happen once we go to war? It will be a lot more costly than they anticipate. Eventually they’ll be successful, but at what cost? We’ll have terror attacks from now til doomsday. If that’s the only way that they can attack the States (and the UK!) efficiently, that’s what they’ll do.

*sigh* This depresses me…there is/was so much that was shining and admirable about the US. And Bush and his cronies have managed to destroy much of it in just a few short years. And the American public stands around applauding him. There seems to be no hope for them.

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