Not Dead

…just very quiet.  :D  Still looking for work in those pre-holiday doldrums, so I haven’t felt much like writing. What my momma said still applies: “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all”. So I’ve become a mute.  :/

0904_7Our favourite boy Beanie passed away this week. He was very old, and we recently figured out that he’d gone blind…but he was still the same character that he always was. Even in his last days, when he barely had strength to wobble along, he managed to tag one of the cats with a pretty good nip.  :)  We miss him so much. Rest in peace, Beanie Weenie.

In other news, I’ve gotten a bit burned out already on raiding. Part of it is that the current instances are so easy (Malygos is the only one who is causing us any grief right now), part of it is part of the current raid group, and part of it is just ennui with the game. I’ve been playing for so long, and although I think the last expansion was simply magical, I’m getting tired. But there are good friends there, who I would miss very much – and so for now, I go on.

Some recent screenshots:

Kit finally has some decent-looking gear – no more clown colours

The Strat timed run dropped a lovely new toy  <3

The “nekkid” bug – quite scary to see naked tanks

And Malygos – currently kicking our butts

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