NOT at work!!!

Goodbye, Hermione, little explorer. :(

It’s very grey and cold this morning; I am bundled in fleeces and sweats, and the heating is on. I need to get the courage to face the day and go down to the stable to ride and muck. Boo, hiss. Yesterday I stood there for an hour waiting for staff at the stable to put a new bale of haylage out so I could feed Kipper, and I was frozen all the way down to the bone. (For people in the States, haylage comes in giant, head-high rolls covered in black plastic. One person cannot shift one, it takes at least three.)

Other projects for the week that I will be off work before I start the new job? Figuring out why the cookie script isn’t working on Phil’s damn radio station database, the bastard thing. Perhaps painting a bit…I’ve had it in the back of my mind that I would like to try. If you look at my portfolio site, you’ll see that I’ve done very different work over the years – traditional art, straight photography, and digital art. (I do have some black-and-white graphic strip work, but no digital copies of it.) When I started doing more photography, I stopped painting. It’s as though whatever small amount of inspiration or artistic drive I have is only enough for one type of work at a time. But I think I will, in the end, go back to doing a bit of drawing and painting.

We watched Identity last night, with John Cusack and Ray Liotta. Awesome movie, a lot of twists, and a bit of a disappointing ending. I won’t spoil it, but it was a bit like having a murder mystery (which this is) and bringing in someone from outside at the end as the murderer. You need to give some hints during the film so the viewer can work it out. But a very nicely done, suspenseful movie anyway, and well worth watching.

I’m off to face winter in England…back later on. If I don’t post again, tell them to look for me, as I’ll probably be frozen into a pile of muck, pitchfork in one blue hand.

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  1. I think it is hard to get inspired with this constant grey wet weather. I have been along to your portfolio site, there are some beautiful images/photographs there. You are very talented, hopefully the weather does not dampen your spirit too much.

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