Not a way to spend a Saturday…

I’ve been struggling with the same site, and the incorrectly set permissions on everything that I don’t have access to. Enough. I want to turn off the computer, go downstairs, and relax. I want a good movie and a massage and some good wine. I want to talk about something other than computers.

Busy day today; the vet came out again to see Kipper, and then I lunged him slowly. All of the horses have been very spooky for several days, and I am wondering what is going on. A small pony panicked so badly that he was dragging his owner all over the yard; once they managed to get him into his box, he came over the top of the door. All of the horses are blowing and snorting at anyone who walks by, barging around and kicking at everything. Back home in California I would be wondering about an earthquake coming, or predators spooking the horses, but here? I just wonder if there’s someone hurting/scaring them at night (although the owners live on the premises). Very strange.

The house is a wreck, as we are getting boxes of Christmas decorations out. I love Christmas, but it seems a bit empty for just two of us. Anyway, the lights and tree and decorations are out, and we’ll decorate tomorrow. :)

Very cold tonight, and the wind is very loud. I can hear scatterings of hail or heavy rain against the windows. A good night for hot chocolate and cuddles in front of the fire.

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