Non-monogamous Gamer

Since I “broke up” with Warcraft, I’ve been playing the field and quite enjoying it. It wasn’t a total breakup, I deleted my draenei death knight (all those imbued netherweave bags, boo hoo) and started a blood elf one, and have been slutting around with her a bit. But the breakup, for now, still stands, and I’ve been refusing to take Warcraft’s calls.  :)

My five free days with EVE Online have expired, and although I definitely plan on going back later, I was just too lost and noobish to feel comfortable there at the moment. That said, it is still the one game, over all, that I think I could still enjoy when I finally get burned out on MMOs.

I’ve re-introduced myself to my Warhammer toons, and have been having fun…although it is as lonely as I feared. There isn’t much action in the lower levels, and all of the things that I was so looking forward to are beyond my reach right now – the sacking and defending cities part, that is. I definitely plan on trying that. The Christmas event is Keg End, which seems a bit strange and Oktoberfest-ish. Yeah, I know that’s not a proper word.

I tried Wizard 101, which although admittedly quite kawaii, was a lot of fun. I have a level 2 Pyromancer named Morgan Raventhief, and although I don’t have many spells in my spellbook, I’m having fun despite being duel-handicapped. I’m a duelling noob, fodder for any stray monster or spirit that wants to take a whack at me. But it’s a lot more fun than I thought it would be.

If I can tear the TV away from the holiday viewing fare, I want to resume Fable 2. After watching Miz play through as Good, I went Evil…ultimate weevil, baby.  :D

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