No Time to Breathe

I know that I haven’t posted anything recently, but everything has been so manic.  We had our soft launch…extremely soft, as when we went live so much was still unfinished, and there hadn’t been enough time for testing.  We have a very nice javascript slideshow for the galleries on the profiles, but the page refresh makes the 3D areas flicker on many machines, so I need to redo that in Flash.  Our CEO was on his way to a big presentation in the States, and we were trying to madly fix things before he got there.  Manic.

I missed a raid last night because of work.  :(  I really, really like the current guild that I’m in.  Everyone seems really nice, and raid leadership is very good.  I’m happier there than I think I ever have been in a guild before.  I just wish that I could convince Miz and other rl friends to come over…then everything would be perfect.

Ah, back to work…

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