No Secrets Here

Have you ever heard those commercials on the radio with the guy bellowing into a cellphone at the theatre or whatever? I work with someone like that. I suppose her personal conversations are so interesting that she wants to share them with the whole room. Grrrr…add that to my Pet Peeve List, which I shall entitle:

It’s Not Big, and It’s Not Clever

I can’t concentrate. I suppose it’s a good thing that one can’t fry people on the spot just by thinking about it. Or I suppose I would have fried a small child today in the library. lol… Hey, I don’t want to be cranky, but really, you shouldn’t fondly look on while your three-year-old runs screaming through the library. It’s not big, and it’s not clever.

Meanwhile, I have to listen to Big Voice here discussing Richard and Judy. Dear God.

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