No Paid Transfer Love

I was quite excited when I heard that Blizzard had changed policy, and you could transfer a recently-transferred character after one month on the new realm, rather than six. Some people were, indeed, able to do so…within the extremely short window of opportunity sometime in the middle of the night last night, when Account Management was working and before Blizz decided no, sorry, you have to wait three months. Three months is better than six, but it still means that Kit won’t be able to come home and do the final levels to 60 on Aggramar.

Boo sucks. Boo totally sucks.

You see, not being a very social type, I’ve had a lonely time of it on Moonglade. It’s supposed to be one of the best roleplaying servers, which is why I moved there. And it very well might be…were I the type that could go out, meet people, initiate roleplay in front of the auction house or the bank or wherever you’re supposed to do it. But I’m not. So she has solo’d as much as possible, and done no roleplay, and (having been given the cold shoulder by the guild that I’d wanted to apply to) not done much else.

It will be three months in mid-November…too late to take her to 60 before the expansion. After that, she’ll lie dormant for a while, as I’ll be involved with BC content, levelling Ravven to 70, starting my Draenei priest, etc. Unless I want to grind my way to 60 without going mad. There are pickup groups, of course…if they’ll take a hunter. If I can find one where someone doesn’t ninja the best drops and hearth out.

Boo Blizz.

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