no longer jonesing

…as I was able to get my gaming fix last night. :) Nerdrant /ragequit moment over. Blocking the 6000-range ports to force it to move to port 80 (via the Trend Micro firewall) did work. Just in time, too, as they supposedly patched it this morning. lol. Ah well – hopefully it will be fixed tonight for everyone. There were suggestions on the forums that this issue was due to their in-game Twitter integration – I really hope that was not the case. as it would be incredibly ill-considered to get so much bad press during the final Open Beta period because you want your players to more easily boost your company profile via social media.

I’m having trouble deciding on what main class or role I want to play. I’d decided totally on Cleric, but every man and his dog are playing one. I do think they’re the most survivable, fun and flexible role in the game. Always a hunter fan, though, I did fall in love with my Ranger/MM. They do a lot of damage and they still have some good survivability, even though I do keep wanting to hit the “feign death” key. :D Last night I started an Elementalist/Pyromancer (Elementalist mainly just for the pet) and she was a blast…so I’m very conflicted.

We’re still going back and forth about what to do about a guild. I’d signed up on the forums of one which sounded good, but they’re both very large, and have a large US contingent which makes it difficult to schedule guild activities. On the last beta they held a guild rift run and naked fountain-dancing silliness evening, which sounded great but it ended at 3:00 am UK time – too late for me. Should we start a guild? It’s a lot of scheduling, peacemaking and trouble. Advertise as a group for a guild? Possibly. The type-A player in me wants that decision made prior to launch, it eats at me. I know that’s silly, but I can’t help stressing about these things. The people that you play with are essential to the game experience, at least for me.

So glad to be playing something that I enjoy once more…being burned out on pretty much everything that I used to play made me a sad gamer.

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  1. I tried a Elementalist/Stormcaller the other night and DEAR GOD I’M SOLD. I don’t know what to do about a guild really because I don’t want to tie myself down and say “yes yes I’m definitely raiding/pvping at end game” because I might not, but I’d definitely like to be part of a group of people who may randomly go all “sup, rift time?” and everyone else all “hells yes, I’m damn bored”.. or something to that effect.. I know I’ll be a Mage though, now. Way fun!

  2. Well, there’s a chance we’ll just dive in and start our own guild – as the server names haven’t been decided we can’t say where yet, but currently on Blightweald.

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