No Fun

Although we’re looking forward to Naxx, and still making AQ40 runs (we still have Twin Emperors, C’thun, etc. left to take down) we’re also still doing BWL runs on a regular basis, and would consider that instance to be on farm status.

Or it was, until our guild leader and main tank re-specc’d to Fury, so he can’t tank anymore.

We wiped on Nef, over and over and over again. When we finally got him down, there was still an hour or so of raid time left, but everyone logged off, frustrated and sick of the whole thing. Very expensive, wasted night.

If the priests had suddenly got a wild hair and decided to re-spec as shadow priests, he would have gone ballistic. It affects the guild as a whole. We’ve always known that, on tough bosses, as soon as the MT goes down we’re in danger of wiping, because the others just aren’t as geared up as he is, and -hate to say it- just not quite as effective.

I don’t feel like raiding anymore. I certainly don’t want another expensive wipe night.

/rant over

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